src.escrow package


src.escrow.escrow_offer module

class src.escrow.escrow_offer.EscrowOffer(_id: bson.objectid.ObjectId, order: bson.objectid.ObjectId, buy: str, sell: str, type: str, escrow: str, time: float, init: Mapping[str, Any], counter: Mapping[str, Any], pending_input_from: Optional[int] = None, sum_currency: Optional[str] = None, sum_buy: Optional[bson.decimal128.Decimal128] = None, sum_sell: Optional[bson.decimal128.Decimal128] = None, sum_fee_up: Optional[bson.decimal128.Decimal128] = None, sum_fee_down: Optional[bson.decimal128.Decimal128] = None, insured: Optional[bson.decimal128.Decimal128] = None, react_time: Optional[float] = None, transaction_time: Optional[float] = None, cancel_time: Optional[float] = None, bank: Optional[str] = None, memo: Optional[str] = None, trx_id: Optional[str] = None, unsent: Optional[bool] = None)[source]

Bases: object

Class used to represent escrow offer.

Attributes correspond to fields in database document.

bank = None

Bank of fiat currency.

buy = None

Currency which order creator wants to buy.

cancel_time = None

Unix time stamp of offer cancellation.

counter = None

Object representing counteragent of escrow.

delete_document() → None[source]

Archive and delete corresponding document in database.

escrow = None

Currency which is held during exchange.

init = None

Object representing initiator of escrow.

insert_document() → None[source]

Convert self to document and insert to database.

insured = None

Amount of insured currency.

memo = None

Required memo in blockchain transaction.

order = None

Primary key value of corresponding order document.

pending_input_from = None

Telegram ID of user required to send message to bot.

react_time = None

Unix time stamp of counteragent first reaction to sent offer.

sell = None

Currency which order creator wants to sell.

sum_buy = None

Amount in buy currency.

sum_currency = None

Temporary field of currency in which user is sending amount.

sum_fee_down = None

Amount of held currency with agreed fee substracted.

sum_fee_up = None

Amount of held currency with agreed fee added.

sum_sell = None

Amount in sell currency.

time = None

Unix time stamp of offer creation.

transaction_time = None

Unix time stamp since which transaction should be checked.

trx_id = None

ID of verified transaction.

type = None

Type of offer. Field of currency which is held during exchange.

unsent = None

True if non-escrow token sender hasn’t confirmed their transfer.

update_document(update) → None[source]

Update corresponding document in database.

Parameters:update – Document with update operators or aggregation pipeline sent to MongoDB.

Represent class instance as dictionary excluding None values.

Module contents


Run close() method on every blockchain instance.


Run connect() method on every blockchain instance.

src.escrow.get_escrow_instance(asset: str)[source]

Find blockchain instance which supports asset.